Liten Kanin Brand Identity


Liten Kanin Brand Identity

Liten Kanin Brand Identity Project: I started by creating a logo and a secondary vector logo for scaling. I chose minimalistic color palette of black and white and the trendy millennial pink for the main colors of the brand and created patterns with the color palette. I then created packaging materials and sculptures that revolves around the brand style sheet. 


Liten Kanin Branding Style Sheet


Liten Kanin Catalog

Liten Kanin - Swedish: Little Rabbit - is a collection of art and jewelry handcrafted by Tory Lin. It all started on paper with a world filled with tiny animals who lives and hides beside humans. These tiny animals are exploring the world together while making new friends along the way. Now they are being made into sculpture jewelries and are ready to go on adventures with whoever adopts them!